Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Initiative
Contact person: Saul Arbess
Skype: pensaul
Address Victoria
Focus areas This is a campaign to create a Department of Peace in Canada which would aim to deal with emerging conflicts and establish systemic responses, abolish nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, reduce conventional weapon arsenals and ban the weaponization of space. The campaign promotes the implementation of the UN Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (1999) to safeguard human rights, as well as the UN Resolution 1325 on the key role played by women in peacebuilding. Please visit the website for further information.
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Initiative, Vancouver Chapter
Contact person: Furquan Gehlen
Skype: fjgehlen
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Research Association
Contact person: Eryl Court
Email: /
Address Toronto
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Contact person: Amina Sharif Hassan
Address: Mississauga, Ontario