United States of America


Contact person: Alicia cotilla
Email: alymc@aol.com
USA-FLAG International Public Policy Institute
Contact person: Dr Anele Heiges
Email: aheiges1@verizon.net
Address: ECOSOC, UN, New York
Email: Kelly.guinan@gmail.com
Twitter: @PeaceSupport
USA-FLAG NPA logo 2013-850px
Address P O Box 2024, San Mateo, CA 94401
Website: www.nationalpeaceacademy.us
Contact person: Michael Abkin
Email: mike@nationalpeaceacademy.us
Alternative Contact: Dot Maver, Burlington, Vermont: dot@nationalpeaceacademy.us
Alternative contact: Kristin Famula, Boulder, Colorado: kristin@nationalpeaceacademy.us
Focus areas The National Peace Academy is motivated by a vision of cultures of peace in the United States and around the world based upon the concept of peace as articulated in the Earth Charter, where peace is “the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.” NPA’s contribution to the realization of this vision is to elevate in the public consciousness the meaning and value of peacebuilding and everyone’s role in it and to cultivate the peacebuilder that resides in all of us. Since its founding in 2009, NPA has worked in collaboration with academic and nonprofit partners around the world on programs in peace education, peace research, peace policy, and peace practice. Hundreds of people from all regions of the United States and from dozens of other countries have participated directly in NPA programs, and through them ripples of peace have spread and continue to spread throughout school classrooms, universities, communities, state and national governments, and around the world. A sampling of these ripples and the history of the founding of the National Peace Academy are reported on the NPA website.
USA-FLAG National Peace Academy/ Young Peacemakers Club / Peace Mobile / Kindness Campaign / Children’s Peace Festival / Building Bridges / Bold Nebraska / Peace Support Network / Miss Mary HUGS /
Contact person: Kelly Guinan
Email: Kelly.guinan@gmail.com
Twitter: @PeaceSupport
USA-FLAG Rasur Foundation International
Contact person: Rita Marie Johnson
Email: ritamarie@rasurfoundation.org


Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Initiative
Website: http://www.departmentofpeace.ca
Contact person: Saul Arbess
Email: saul.arbess@departmentofpeace.ca
Skype: pensaul
Address Victoria
Focus areas This is a campaign to create a Department of Peace in Canada which would aim to deal with emerging conflicts and establish systemic responses, abolish nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, reduce conventional weapon arsenals and ban the weaponization of space. The campaign promotes the implementation of the UN Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (1999) to safeguard human rights, as well as the UN Resolution 1325 on the key role played by women in peacebuilding. Please visit the website for further information.
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Initiative, Vancouver Chapter
Website: http://www.departmentofpeace.ca
Contact person: Furquan Gehlen
Email: fjghome@yahoo.com
Skype: fjgehlen
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Peace Research Association
Contact person: Eryl Court
Email: ekort@sympatico.ca / ekort@bell.net
Address Toronto
Canada-Flag-Wallpaper-Desktop-1 Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Contact person: Amina Sharif Hassan
Email: aminash05@yahoo.ca
Address: Mississauga, Ontario



Haiti flag Foundation Eddy Mesidor for Development
Contact person: Eddy Mesidor
Email: fondationdeveloppement@yahoo.fr



Argentina flag Humanity’s Team
Website: www.humanitysteam.org
Contact person: Giro Gabriel Avruj
Email: gavruj@visionintegral.com.ar / Gabriel.avruj@humanitystem.org
Skype: Superman1972
Focus areas Humanity’s Team is an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One, with God and life – caring for each other and the world we share – so that people’s actions reflect this profound understanding within a generation. We believe that living this truth is essential to solving the most chronic and acute world problems and vital to creating a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness.
Argentina flag Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Contact person: Alicia Cabezudo
Email: democracyrights@yahoo.com

Sri Lanka


Animated-Flag-Sri-Lanka Initiative for Social Development &Peace & Collaborative Development Network (PCDN)
Contact person: Sajeer MAM
Email: mamsajeer@gmail.com
Animated-Flag-Sri-Lanka Sri Lanka Federation of University Women
Contact person: Thilina Madiwala
Email: Thilina.madiwala@gmail.com



Philippines flag International Centre for Peace in Mindanaw (ICPeace)
Contact person: Charlito Manlupig
Email: kmanlupig@gmail.com

New Zealand


New Zealand flag Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace
Address: Wellington, New Zealand
Contact person: Mayra Gomez
Email: mayragomezp@gmail.com


Nepal flag Media Initiative for Rights, Equity and Social Transformation (MIREST Nepal)
Website http://www.mirestnepal.org.np
Address “22-Gha-055, ‘Umalaya’,
Campus Road, Patan Dhoka,
Contact person: Suresh Prasad Acharya
Email: mirestnepal@gmail.com
Skype: sacharya139
Tel: 00-977-1-5260552
Focus areas Media Initiative for Rights, Equity and Social Transformation (MIREST/Nepal) is a non-profit-making, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation. It was established to implement people-centred media initiatives by professionals affiliated with well-established media entities, in association with independent media professionals and social scientists having a long standing within their respective profession. MIREST/Nepal is functioning independently from both NMPL and TNN. Registered at the CDO office Lalitpur, the Head Office of MIREST/Nepal is located in Lalitpur. Read More


Flag_of_Japan_(bordered) Japan United for Ministry of Peace (JUMP)
Contact person: Takahiro Katsumi
Email: Tkatsumi2007@gmail.com
Tel: +81-3-3885-6115


Bangladesh flag International Peace Bureau
Contact person: Pradyut Chowdhury
Email: pradyutchy@gmail.com
Skype: Pradyutchy
Address Sylhet