Karen Barensché, South Africa, Co-president    Birger

Karen Barensché
South Africa

Birger Norup

saul  capture  Prince

Saul Arbess

Furquan Gehlen

  Prince Oseremen Irene

   Dot Maver  capture

Oliver Rizzi Carlson

Dot Maver

Jean Pierre Mfuni



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Mike Abkin
Advisory Board
Scotty Bruer
Advisory Board


Board & Advisory Board

The Board of directors consists of: Presidents; a Secretary; a Treasurer and five other members.

The Board of Directors is composed of at least 6 members selected by the General Assembly, making every effort that all continents with members are represented.

In the spirit of the Culture of Peace, the Board of Directors has no maximum number of members. During the process in which the General Assembly selects members to be part of the Board of Directors as well as during Board of Directors processes, members will volunteer to be part of the Board of Directors or its committees based on their inspiration or calling. The Board of Directors will strive to appreciate diversity and make the presence of each member complementary and relevant to Board of Directors processes. Instead of having a fixed maximum number of members, the Board of Directors shall have an ongoing dialogue about how to operate with its present number so that everyone can contribute and so that the Board is effective at the same time.

The Board of Directors must include at a minimum the President, who is elected by the General Assembly and chairs the Board of Directors; a Secretary; and a Treasurer. The Secretary and the Treasurer are elected by the Board of Directors from among its own membership. The President, the Secretary and the Treasurer together compose the Executive Committee, which may also include additional members of the Board of Directors.

Board Members 2017

Karen Barensché, South Africa, president
Birger Norup, Denmark
Saul Arbess, Canada
Furquan Gehlen, Canada
Prince Oseremen Irene, Nigeria
Oliver Rizzi Carlson, Switzerland
Dot Maver, USA
Jean Pierre Mfuni, DRC

Advisory Board

Mike Abkin,USA
Scotty Bruer,USA

Mission & Vision

The Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace is a worldwide community of civil society campaigns, organisations, committed citizens, and elected and appointed government officials from over 44 countries.


A world where all people, individually and collectively, embody, promote, and practice a culture of peace for the benefit of all.


To collaborate with and support governments and civil society around the world working to establish national ministries and departments of peace, and also to support efforts to develop local, regional, and national peace councils, peace academies, and other effective infrastructures for peace.

In carrying out this mission, the Global Alliance enables and facilitates the capacity of its network to share and provide one another with resources, information, encouragement, and support for existing and new national campaigns for Ministries and Departments of Peace as well as efforts to establish peace academies and other peace infrastructure elements in government and civil society. It also seeks, through the combined activities of the Global Alliance and its broader networks, to increase global understanding amongst civil societies and governments around the world of the need for Ministries and Departments of Peace and civil society counterparts at all levels.