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USA-FLAG International Public Policy Institute
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Website: www.nationalpeaceacademy.us
Contact person: Michael Abkin
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Alternative Contact: Dot Maver, Burlington, Vermont: dot@nationalpeaceacademy.us
Alternative contact: Kristin Famula, Boulder, Colorado: kristin@nationalpeaceacademy.us
Focus areas The National Peace Academy is motivated by a vision of cultures of peace in the United States and around the world based upon the concept of peace as articulated in the Earth Charter, where peace is “the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.” NPA’s contribution to the realization of this vision is to elevate in the public consciousness the meaning and value of peacebuilding and everyone’s role in it and to cultivate the peacebuilder that resides in all of us. Since its founding in 2009, NPA has worked in collaboration with academic and nonprofit partners around the world on programs in peace education, peace research, peace policy, and peace practice. Hundreds of people from all regions of the United States and from dozens of other countries have participated directly in NPA programs, and through them ripples of peace have spread and continue to spread throughout school classrooms, universities, communities, state and national governments, and around the world. A sampling of these ripples and the history of the founding of the National Peace Academy are reported on the NPA website.
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USA-FLAG Rasur Foundation International
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